About Us

We are located in the center of Portugal. We have been working for more than 20 years in this business; our company dedicates itself to the production of meat and traditional charcuterie.

With modern production facilities, our company grew in a familiar environment and is managed with a lot of values as hard work, experience, dedication, knowledge and it has a big desire to grow and innovate.

Our Brand

For 20 years and as a result of our work, our brand has a solid structure based in great values. We work to make good quality products and to have the best services. We maintain a conscious and aware approach with our customers in order to find their needs and answer to them the best way we can. Our brand is reaching a path to recognition and tries constantly to transmit a confident message to our customers and clients.

Our Costumers and Market

As a result of a sustained market, our company covers the national territory in many distribution channels. Nowadays we cover big and small distribution channels. We are in supermarkets and specialized shops. Our company is represented all over the country, mostly in the center of Portugal and in the great Lisbon area. Our brand is expanding to other regions of the country and investing in the exportation of our products to Europe and Africa.

Working with Quality and Security

Our company is supplied with modern and innovative equipment and is able to respond to the manufacturing process and to customers’requirements. Our company has the highest concerns about hygiene and sanitation and has full control of the production process and the selection of the raw materials and their transformation, achieving high standards of product quality and food safety.